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Star house

Renovate receptionist entranceand put new exit include all MEP work

Reeb center renovation

remodeling kitchen and security desks include all MEP work

Photo Apr 01 2023, 6 25 27 PM

Complete project including, foundation, plumbing work, and finishing.

Photo Mar 31 2023, 6 30 56 PM
Walnut Spring middle school

Secure Entry project include offices/ clinic/engineering classroom/ with all HVAC/ plumbing/ electrical and technology work.

Long Fellow Elementary school

Renovation of conference room, and entire building electrical and technology work.

Genoa Middle school

Secure Entry project and new teacher offices, include HVAC/electrical and technology work.

Children Hospital

Renovating multiple houses under children hospital healthy home program.

North High school 1
Westerville North High school

Science room renovation and finishing.

New construction Projects

New Construction Starting from foundation to roof, including all MEP trades.

Untitled design 2024 07 10T162036.501
Department of Public Safety

High way state trooper post renovation and that includes All civil, MEP and Generator work.