This is a temporary back up power generator, it is intended for temporary purpose. You will need to turn it on/off when the power is off /on.

Emergency Generator

Are you on oxygen Concentrator Device, Do you wear a respirator, or on Medical Alert Button Systems ‎, do you have a power outage. Everything shutdown?!
We have noticed that most of Ohioans spend their time at the hospital if a power outage happened; they cannot breath and it is dark at night because they don’t have power. We have the solution; we provide an emergency backup generator that can make your device working and simple life support until restore your power. Generator will be as follows:

1. Dedicated from the main electric panel. You don’t need to switch power
2. Dedicated LED light or lights to light your way during night
3. Dedicated and Marked outlet for your device and Medical alert system.
4. Power stabilizer.
5. Battery LED Backup light near your Generator or any areas (Optional)
6. Optional outlets (Fridge, TV, and internet and Computer)
7. All wiring connections will be exterior not interior.
8. Back up Gas Tank.