Roll in shower

A roll in shower is where there is no threshold between the shower and the bathroom floor. It is all tile or flush base so you can roll right in if you are using a wheel chair then transfer to your shower chair if that is what you do. The shower curtain pulls shut and there is a slight incline which prevents your bathroom floor from getting soaked. We also provide handheld shower unit.

Walk-in shower

Feel safe, independent and confident taking a shower on your own in the Walk-In Shower. Our showers are Equipped with both a wall-mounted showerhead, as well as a handheld option. our Walk-In Shower offers bathers with disabilities or seniors the chance to feel confident showering independently. We also provide ADA-compliant grab bars, complete with finger grips for added stability, and a contoured fold-down seat with backrest, built-in , armrests and support legs.

Walk-in tub

We provide ADA compliant walk in bathtubs and accessibility solutions for seniors and individuals with physical disabilities. Our bathroom solutions are designed to allow you to enjoy a safe, comfortable bathing experience and increased independence for a better quality of life. And our innovative safety and accessibility products provide you with the right support, seating, and access for your individual need.